Ben's opinions on Skype.

tl;dr I'm not using Skype for Desktop for the forseeable future.

Critical Problems

Until these are fixed, I can't move back to Skype.
Touch compatibility
I have a Surface laptop. Usually, a 10-inch screen would be a downside for me, but it makes up for it with the fact that I can use touch gestures on it. The slightly small keyboard and extremely small trackpad are sometimes made completely unnecessary by moving my hand up to the screen instead of down to them. With the release of Windows 10, Skype no longer supports touch.
I will not come back to Skype as long as it does not support touch
DPI Scaling
I still have a Surface, and its screen is 208PPI. Because of this, I must scale everything up to 150%. When I do this, Skype looks blurry because it does not scale.
I will not come back to Skype as long as it does not support high-DPI screens

Minor Annoyances

I can deal.
XBox, Windows, Office, Azure, phones, Surface… Microsoft makes billions from all their paid products, and yet they need to show us the ugliest, least-carefully-chosen ads possible? It's easily possible for an ad in Skype to take up over a full quarter of the screen. UGH!
I'd at least be happier if they were ads for Microsoft products, but they seem truly random.

Meta Stuff