Ben Leggiero's Portfolio

Graphic Design

Web and UI Design

  1. The Columbus State Unofficial Info website

    A small site that collects posts accurate, unofficial information about Columbus State University. I designed most of the visuals for the website, including the logo.

  2. This website

    I designed this website, and that includes all its visuals. Its colors, layout, and typography were carefully designed and/or picked by myself.

Software Engineering

iOS & Android

  1. NCR Silver

    Industry-leading point-of-sale software for iOS and Android. I implemented headlining features such as 64-bit support, EMV payments, scale-weighing of items, & future orders, including any hardware drivers necessary for these

Personal Java | Kotlin

  1. Blue Husky Software Platform

    A platform of modular code and concepts upon which my personal sofware is written.

  2. Snek

    I am making a version of the classic game Snake to help myself practice Kotlin and functional programming. This is to be the first program I've built on the aforementioned Blue Husky Software Platform.


  1. Rent Split

    I got a roommate, so to calculate the rent split, I made a web app!

  2. The Columbus State University website

    I was one of 4 fellow programmers who brought the new CSU website to life, keeping compatibility from IE 8 to 11 and all alternative browsers, and at the same time making it mobile-friendly using a combination of Bootstrap and custom CSS and jQuery plugins.

  3. Husk

    I was tired of how bulky or dirty some CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.) could be, so I made my own! Husk is a CSS layout framework that promises to never add or remove styles, and uses the CSS3 Flexbox feature instead of abusing float or other such techniques.

  4. Slide Social Buttons

    Invented by Christopher Yee in 2013 and updated by me in 2015, these are the beauties in the Meta Stuff bar to the leftsection down below.

  5. This website

    I designed from the ground-up using only Notepad++. I made all the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even images except for certain FontAwesome icons. If you want to know how well I code for web, inspect any page of this site.

  6. The Columbus State University Unofficial Info website

    The same small site I described above. I wrote a lot of the site, working within and around Tumblr's CMS restrictions. I'm most proud of the Schedules page.

Personal Android

  1. U.S. State Quiz

    Though it was a class assignment, I actually invented a way to display SVGs on Android, utilized tabs, made it mesh with the default theme, created custom toasts, worked with shared preferences, etc.

  2. Our Map

    A project of mine that's still ongoing to expose a true coverage map by gathering big anonymous data from app users about their location, signal type, and signal strength.

Meta Stuff